Stair Basics

Hand Rail System Types

Photo of Cooper Stairs Over The Post HandrailOver the Post

Handrail runs over the newels using a series of fittings. This design provides a continuous handrail.

Post to Post

Handrail runs between a series of newels.


Types of Stairs

Straight Stairs

Straight stairs can be just as elaborate as curved stairs, when considered in parts, a straight stair is full of architectural details, each contributing to the visual impact of the whole.

Click here for CAD files of straight stairs.

Curved Stairs

Known for designing and producing the finest quality custom curved staircases, the Cooper Stairworks system of curved design options are available with your choice of pre-fitted rail systems made from custom or stock components.

Click here for CAD files of curved stairs.

Unsupported Stairs

An unsupported staircase, also known as a “flying” or “gallery” staircase is either unsupported by walls on either one or two sides and open underneath. This makes a dramatic impact, both in the room as a whole and on the person ascending the stairs. They are extremely difficult to construct properly from scratch on-site.

Flared Stairs

Flared stairs have a straight run and widen at the bottom.

Click here for CAD files of flared stairs.

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