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Marretti Custom Stairs

Proud ambassadors of Italian elegance in the world, Marretti staircases are the result of ongoing research for the aesthetically beautiful and a passion for detail. The last step in every Marretti staircase is the first step towards a new project. It’s been like that since 1970. Marretti has been creating bold shapes for over forty years that mold matter to meet the customer’s every demand.

Marretti’s craftsmen put innovation at the service of experience. Thus the materials bend to creativity, steel turns to velvet and crystal to rock. Resin, Plexiglass, precious woods, even gold, are reinterpreted to found new aesthetic rules. The supports disappear and while the purest, lightweight geometries seduce the eye, sinuous curves blossom where steps spring up like branches. And just like real trees, no two staircases are ever the same. Know-how that has continued to evolve and with each innovation creates staircase models that are deposited and certified and have exclusive patented anchoring systems. Every staircase, be it in a home or a common area, is an authentic architectural installation to be enjoyed with each step.

For complete information on the Marretti visit their web site.

Marretti Stair logo

photo of Marretti stair floating treads, stainless, rail and glass panels
photo of marretti stair with floating treads and glass balustrade
photo of marretti stair with glass balustrade
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