Warranty / Use and Care

5 Year Warranty

North Atlantic Corp. takes great pride in its workmanship and undertakes to manufacture the very best preassembled staircase product possible. This commitment to quality allows us to offer a FIVE (5) YEAR WARRANTY limited to the original contractor / consumer purchaser covering only defects in material or workmanship. The warranty period shall commence from date of delivery providing all recommendations are followed as noted in our Use & Care Guide (see below). Natural variations in color and grain of wood shall not be considered defects. Defects resulting from or attributed to normal wear, abuse, or alteration shall not be covered. Defects resulting from installation shall be covered only when installation is provided by North Atlantic Corp. Upon written notification of a claim describing a possible defect and presentation of warranty certificate we will inspect the staircase within 5 business days. If after such inspection we determine there to be a defect, we will repair or replace it, unfinished, FREE OF CHARGE.

Use and Care

  • Staircase must be installed level and square.
  • Shim any void between framing and back of stringer (usually wall finish thickness) and screw through stringers into framing at each stud above and below tread. Where walls are not used to support the staircase adequate substringers must be used.
  • Use glue under landing tread and glue nailing cleat behind bottom riser or squeak will result in these areas.
  • Apply a minimum two to three top coat paint / finish system within 60 days of delivery to effectively seal wood.
  • Staircase should be backpainted or ceiling installed underneath to provide vapor barrier from basement, crawl space, or other damp areas to prevent squeaks. Likewise shield under side of stair from heat sources such as water heaters, furnaces, etc.
  • Do not subject staircase to extremes of temperature or humidity.
  • Intense exposure to direct sunlight such as in sunrooms or windows with southern exposure, especially in enclosed areas should be avoided.
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