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Cove Moulding in Jatoba

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Cove Mouldings is a piece of moulding that serves as an aesthetic cover for the joint where the face of the riser meets the bottom of the tread. Cove Moulding is a great addition to any staircase, but look especially great when coupled with our Cooper Stairworks treads and risers.

Dimensions of each unit are 5/8" x 3/4" x lineal foot. Please note that the quantity will be based on One Lineal Foot. Adjust Quantity as necessary to suit your project.

PLEASE NOTE THAT UPS HAS A MAXIMUM SHIP LENGTH OF 9', SO IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN THAT IT WILL HAVE TO BE CUT IN ORDER TO SHIP. For example if you order 12' we could cut 2 Pieces 6' long, or any other size you prefer as long as it's under 9'. Please specify when you order.

Our landing treads are made to order. If you require a different specie or size please contact our technical support team at 508-235-4397.

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