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Counter Top Installer Pack 50 Zipbolt UT Drawbolts 10.900 and 2-4mm Drivers …

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Zipbolt: Counter Top Installer Pack

The Counter Top Installer Pack contains 50 Zipbolt UT Drawbolts (10.900) and 4 - 4mm Drivers. The ZIPBOLT UT DRAWBOLT is the result of an engineering challenge to keep Zipbolt's UT design and to scale down the size while retaining the strength, and we did it! It is only 12.5mm or 1/2" thick in profile with all metal housing. The UT DRAWBOLT was specifically designed for the USA to be a better alternative to the conventional counter top type connecting fastener and the machining detail or cut out is unchanged. It is the fastest and easiest way of joining worktops /countertops and panels in a matter of seconds! The ZIPBOLT connector is a new practical and innovative solution that saves time and money in assembling work.

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