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zipbolt rail bolt - stair, deck and countertop connectors

Zipbolt UT Railbolt

Zipbolt is the fastest growing assembly system in stair industry Stair builders across the world are praising Zipbolt's award winning design and patented gearing system as it makes light work of joints used stair building, Rails, Fittings, Posts and Angles are a breeze. No need to try harder just use Zipbolt and discover why they are the fastest growing assembly tool in stair industry. Also check out the countertop fasteners. Once you have used Zipbolt work/counter top connectors there is no going back! In a matter of seconds the joining process will be done saving you time and money. Do you have a question about our bolts? Please contact our tech support line at 508-235-4397.

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Notes from Zipbolt Customers

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to our problem, we received the zip bolts, on time, and we were able to keep this job, on schedule. The way you got right back to me, is a testament to your integrity. Please prepare yourself for more orders from me......"awesome, totally awesome!!!" -- Glen Rodgers

To whom it may concern, I'm so glad I stumbled across the zip bolt product. It made for a seamless connection from my railing to the newel and rosette. It's a strong connection that will definitely hold up over time. I am also grateful for customer service providing me with the correct products, as well as the product being so affordable. -- Seth

Dave, you provided some zipbolt angled slipfix railbolts to me back a couple of months ago and asked that I respond with some feedback. I can tell you one thing for sure, if I ever have to install another stair rail, I will use the zipbolt line of products without question. With very little experience, we were able to watch the videos on YouTube and install two sections of handrail in about an hour. It was amazing. The guy who helped me has more experience with installing hand rails (not much more) and he said they were amazing and that it made the install process amazingly less complicated. Thank you for sending me the bolts and I can assure you I will never use anything else. -- Toby Crafton

Thank you for the very quick response. Your product has been very useful and I will continue to use on any and all upcoming jobs I do. Very quick and easy! -- Tyler Friend

Afternoon Dave, I just want to say "Thank You" for the rapid response by yourself and follow up by Megan. I had an email and the order form first thing this morning. I am a DIY guy and it has been so frustrating trying to find any kind of support in my home town of Memphis on supplies and hardware. I visited two different mill houses and neither one really cared about my business or helping me get what I need to get this project back on track. Wish I could of bought all of my materials from Cooper. Excellent Customer Service!!!!!!! -- Douglas Paige, Schneider Electric

Just used your product on a custom set of interior rails. YES!!! This is the only way we will go from now on. It was flawless and the really made the rails come together. Perfect product, I will be keeping these in stock at our shop from now on. Thank you. -- Ned Kneebone, Project Manager, Hilltop Construction Co., Hudson Falls, New York USA