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stair basics

Cooper Stairworks offer a large array of stair designs. With a simple understanding of the number of risers you need, you may choose a layout that fits your space and determine the scale and balance so critical to the overall preliminary design phase.

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Handrail runs over the newels using a series of fittings. This design provides a continuous handrail

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Handrail runs between a series of newels.

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Straight stairs can be just as elaborate as curved stairs, when considered in parts, a straight stair is full of architectural details, each contributing to the visual impact of the whole. Shown on the right is a scissor stair.

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A curved layout should walk safely with a 9" or 10" run at the walk line and must meet residential building codes.

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An unsupported staircase, also known as a "flying" or "gallery" staircase is either unsupported by walls on either one or two sides and open underneath. This application makes a dramatic impact, both in the room as a whole and on the person ascending the stairs. They are extremely difficult to construct properly from scratch on-site.

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stair glossary

Some common terms about stairs and stair building defined.