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mister step metal spiral stair kits

Misterstep Gamia Metal Spiral Stair Kit

Cooper Stairworks offers spiral stairs that are so elegant and appealing that even if you do have the room necessary for a traditional stair, you might just go for a spiral. Treads with adjustable spacers and landing are available either round or square for all types of wells. Railing with metal spindles fastened to the tread and patented plastic handrail included for easy assembly.
Mister Step
Gamia Metal Spiral Stair Kits & Parts
A perfect solution for a well finished designed spiral stair at economical cost. Powder coated metal steps with adjustable rise. universal landing platform to fit any well opening shape. Both for residential and commercial application.

Key Features

Precise Rise Adjustment
Exterior Steps with Anti-Step Features
Optional Safety Riser
Round Wood Handrail
Precise Rise
Exterior Steps with
Anti-step features
Optional Safety Riser
to meet code (4" max. gap)
Round Wood Handrail comes
in sections to adjust for pitch

91D2212 47" - 12 gr + 1 platform - silver In Stock
91D2412 55" - 12 gr + 1 platform - silver In Stock
91D2612 63" - 12 gr + 1 platform - silver In Stock
99D92 Kit extra step 47" - silver In Stock
99D94 Kit extra step 55" - silver In Stock
99D96 Kit extra step 63" - silver In Stock
9950058001 Kit baluster to wall stiffener - silver In Stock
9950038001 Kit baluster to baluster stiffener - silver In Stock
99D320 Kit baluster to floor stiffener - silver In Stock



Post Extension
Post to Extension
Universal Metal
Universal Metal Platform
Extra Step
Extra Step

Wood Platform to Trim
Wood Platform to Trim
99310 Kit safety riser / 11 steps - for spiral stairs all diameters In Stock
99300 Kit Horizontal balustrade for 39" (8 balusters) - black In Stock
99400 Kit Wooden straight handrail 39" - natural In Stock
99N16400 Kit Wooden straight handrail 39" - walnut In Stock
99D300 Kit Horizontal balustrade for 39" (8 balusters) - silver In Stock
9964515/99658005 Moplen handrail straight with wood core
9'10" long - black
In Stock
9964520 Moplen handrail round 19'7" long - black In Stock
99330 Moplen handrail fittings (curves, caps) - black In Stock