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pre-fit rail systems

Cooper Stairworks Prefit rail systems

Cooper Pre-fit Rail Systems combined with our preassembled stairs enable you to realize many cost efficiencies. No more questions on what parts to use, where to find them, or how they go together. Simply select any stock or custom style balustrade, and our professional stair builders will configure the correct parts and actually prefit them to your stair while it is in our shop. Stairs will have a shop fitted rail system K.D. that will have most fittings connected to the rail, and newels are notched and dry fitted as well. Rake rails will have holes drilled for insertion of balusters, or plowed rail to accept square type balusters. All fitting connections will have ZIPBOLT UT Rail Bolts used for fast, strong joint connections.

Prefit Rail System Prefit Rail System Prefit Rail System Prefit Rail System
Post is notched for exact location and height. Stair is notched for post and treads are drilled for balusters One end of rail is precut for quick field installation with post to post rail systems. Opposite end is cut to fit in field Rake rails on stair are drilled for easy baluster insertion up into rail and down into tread