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the preassembled stair - features and benefits


  Field Measurement Cad Support State-of-the-Art Technology
  1. Field Measurement
In our direct service area all our Tech people field measure the job completely, make recommendations as needed, and work with a Project Manager from beginning to end.
2. CAD Support
Not all stair projects require CAD support, but when necessary we provide very detailed drawings of the project for review.
3. State-of-the-Art Technology
We have invested in the latest technology available. Automatic stair design software is used to support two CNC routers with 4 and 5 axis machining capabilities.
  Tongue & Groove Construction Notched Newels Zipbolt Rail Bolt
  4. Tongue & Groove Construction
This superior method of assembly creates a sure fit for the riser to the tread and virtually eliminates squeaks.
5. Notched Newels
With our prefit rail system, all newels are notched to the proper height to comply with code in conjunction with the rail system. They are dry fitted and marked for location.
6. ZIPBOLTā„¢ UT Rail Bolt
All our rail joint connections are made using the ZIPBOLTā„¢ UT Rail bolt. Easier, Faster, and Stronger. Tighten joints in seconds.
  Threaded Inserts Fas-n-Fast Blind Fasteners
  7. Threaded Inserts
On wooden, turned, tapered-top balusters, we use a threaded insert in the tread and a machine/lag screw in the baluster for superior strength and ease of installation.
8. Fas-n-Fast
A strong machine screw style connector is used to connect all pin bottom newels to the starting step.
9. Blind Fasteners
When we apply a return to a stair tread, all work is done on the backside so fasteners are never visible on the finish face and edge of the tread.
  Packaging Plywood Templates Easy Installation
  10. Packaging
The stair is wrapped in clear plastic with custom water resistant double thick cardboard tread and riser guards applied for protection during construction.
11. Plywood Templates
Plates are provided for framing balcony sections and supporting walls. Stairs are assembled back in our shop using exact duplicates of these templates.
12. Easy Installation
As soon as the project is weather tight, the stair is normally installed in less than half a day so it can be used during the construction process.