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Stairparts from Cooper Stairworks

When do I start?

Contact us at the beginning of the design phase when you have the most options available and our expertise can be most helpful. We will meet your design requirements and bring value and dramatic design to your project. The longer you wait, the more you limit your options or create unusual and costly framing changes.

How do I start?

Simply click on the links below to fill out your online form.

  Download Form DOWNLOAD FORM
Stair Facts Quotation Form Preassembled with Prefit Rail


Another options is to fax us a copy of your plans in the area of the stair at each level and provide the height from floor to floor. You may request literature or view our website for our offerings to consider your rail and baluster preferences. Our Stair "Facts Fax" form or we can fax a copy to guide you through the planning process. We will send you a quotation for the complete stair system with your choice of balustrade or one we have recommended to meet your budget.

How do I order?

Simply approve the quotation. We will finalize the details and send a contract for you to sign. A shop drawing will follow for approval and if you are within reach of our service areas, a field technician will confirm field dimensions. If you have purchased a curved stair system we provide the curved wall plates, curved floor templates and a positioning diagram to coordinate the fit of the stair system while framing. This allows you to complete most of the framing and wall finish prior to taking delivery of the stair and rail system.

When does the stair arrive?

Once the job is weather tight, the stair and rail system will be delivered. The stair will be wrapped with six-mil polyethylene wrap and tread guards will be applied to protect the stair from jobsite traffic. When ready the protective wrap may be turned back and the rail system unpacked and applied. Complete installation is available within service areas.