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  Cooper Stairworks Tips & Techniques - Zipbolt Super UT Post Fastener
Introducing the new Super UT - Post Fastener, this improved model is an all metal design and features the Open Channel in the diecast housing which allows for easy locating to the shaft, this feature alone is very significant to making this product very user friendly. The Zipbolt gear drive system allows the connector to be positioned deep within any kind of post and then simply accessed with a hex bit in a cordless drill, screwdriver or allen wrench/key. The length of the wood screw thread ensures an extremely strong hold in the floor and is rotated in with either an adjustable spanner or wrench. Zipbolt Super UT (14.110). Purchase this bolt.

Cooper Stairworks Tips & Techniques - How To Connect Handrail To A Newel Post Using The Slip Fix UT Rail Bolt
In this video we'll demonstrate how to connect handrail to a newel post in a few simple steps using the ZIPBOLT Slip Fix UT Rail Bolt (13.810). Purchase this bolt.


Cooper Stairworks Tips & Techniques - Installing Balusters Using Threaded Inserts
In this video we show three methods of fastening balusters on a stair, and demonstrate how to install balusters using threaded inserts.


Cooper Stairworks Preassembled Stair Installation
Have you ever wondered how our stair systems go together? Cooper Stairworks preassembled stair installation video will show you how.


Cooper Stairworks Tips & Techniques - Installing ZipBolt Angled Rail Bolt
In this stair building how-to video, we will show you how to attach handrail to a newel post using the ZIPBOLT Angled Railbolt. Whether you're a homeowner or experienced craftsman, the ZIPBOLT Angled Railbolt helps make stair building quick and easy. Purchase this bolt.


ZipBolt UT Rail Bolt
EASIER. STRONGER. FASTER. The ZIPBOLT UT - RAILBOLT uses the same boring configuration for bolts commonly used in the industry, with a very big difference. The use of a one-piece totally integrated gear system that replaces the old nut and washer. Assembly that simplifies joining parts together using common bits and drivers. Using a 5mm hex head driver, the installer no longer is trying to fit a nut and wrench into a 1" hole. The Hex is inserted into any adjustable torque drill, and makes tightening the Gear Head easy. Purchase this bolt.


Fas' N Fast Stair Fastener
A strong machine screw style connector is used to connect all pin bottom newels to the starting step.


ZipBolt Counter Top Joint Fastener
Learn about how the ZipBolt Counter works in this demonstration.